Future Airspace Strategy VFR Implementation Group

The Royal Aero Club is pleased to be a sponsor of the FASVIG Group
Established in January 2014, FASVIG is a joint undertaking between Sports and Recreational Aviation and Military Aviation stakeholders, CAA, NATS, business aviation and other aviation industry stakeholders, which aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of VFR operations in the UKFIR.
FASVIG is part of the CAA Future Airspace Strategy (FAS - http://caa.co.uk/FAS). Successful delivery of the FAS VFR Implementation Programme is one of the CAA GA Unit’s success measures
(see page 4 here: http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/224/CAA%20GA%20Success%20Measures%20v1.0.pdf )

The FASVIG website was launched on 14th April 2015. Please take a look: http://www.fasvig.org

It has been built since the GA Event at Duxford on 28th March and the successful launch of V1 of the FAS VFR Implementation Programme (FASVIP).
The FASVIP can be read here: http://fasvig.org/fasvip
FASVIG on Social Media
If you use Twitter or LinkedIn then you can follow FASVIG there.
See: http://www.twitter.com/FASVIG
and: http://fasvig.org/social/linkedin
Subscribe for FASVIG Newsletters
As well as providing details of the Implementation Programme and FASVIG, the website enables people to subscribe for:
FASVIG General Aviation Newsletter
FASVIG Airspace Change Proposal Newsletter
FASVIG Aviation Industry Newsletter
See here: http://www.fasvig.org/subscribe
Past issues of newsletters can be accessed here: http://fasvig.org/subscribe/newsletter-past-issues
Volunteer for FASVIG
For those that want to get involved in helping FASVIG deliver the Implementation Programme but who did not have the opportunity to Volunteer at the GA Event, you can Volunteer online here: http://fasvig.org/volunteer.
We have 25 'Packages of Change' to deliver which will involve many teams covering the whole of the UK. So we need your help!

Please Get Involved!

I hope you find the website useful. Do please get involved. Through FASVIG we have a way to make a positive contribution to VFR flying in the UK.

Steve Hutt
FASVIG Programme Coordinator

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